TOEIC Test Preparation at VEC

Downtown Vancouver is on the edge of English Bay

TOEIC tests are widely used in Canada, and it is Canada's most recognized English language test.

We know TOEIC. More than 33,000 students have passed through our doors since the school was founded in 1993. Over the years, we have continually improved the methods we use to help students achieve high TOEIC scores. We like to think that Vancouver English Centre is a world leader in TOEIC preparation.

Our teachers use a sophisticated training system that will help you prepare for the TOEIC test quickly and efficiently. Our curriculum is practical, efficient, and carefully organized. Vancouver English Centre offers a minimum of three TOEIC Preparation levels. The three levels are:

  • Basic Preparation

  • This course will help you review basic English grammar, build vocabulary and develop reading and listening skills. Practice TOEIC tests are included.

  • Intermediate Preparation

  • Learn TOEIC test strategies while enhancing your English listening comprehension, reading and grammar skills. Practice TOEIC tests are included.

  • Advanced Preparation

  • Same as Intermediate TOEIC but material covered is at a more advanced level. Material studied in Intermediate TOEIC Preparation is not repeated in Advanced TOEIC Preparation. Practice TOEIC tests are included.


Well-prepared for the test is very important, but students should keep these tips in mind if they want to get a high score.

TOEIC Test Dates

TOEIC Test are offered every month so you can register for the test when you are ready.