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Preparation for the TOEFL Test in Vancouver, Canada

The TOEFL test indicates the English proficiency of people who speak English as a second language. TOEFL scores are required for admission to many colleges and universities in Canada and in the United States. The TOEFL test is also used by colleges and universities in other countries where English is the language of instruction. Government agencies, scholarship programs, and certification agencies use TOEFL scores to evaluate English language proficiency.

Our TOEFL Preparation Program will help you enter the university system in Canada or the United States. We will prepare you for the TOEFL test quickly and efficiently. Students studying English and preparing for the TOEFL test at Vancouver English Centre have access to the following resources:

Preparation for the TOEIC test in Vancouver, Canada


Our TOEIC Preparation Program is an elective course, designed entirely to help students achieve high TOEIC scores.  Courses are divided into three separate levels.  These courses are most suitable for students who have attained at least an upper-intermediate English level,and who intend to take the TOEIC test.  The TOEIC Preparation Program is ideal for students who require a TOEIC certificate.  This course is offered only at the Vancouver English Centre in Canada.
Prerequisite: VEC Level 10+.

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Preparation for IELTS tests in Canada


At Vancouver English Centre we can help you prepare for the IELTS test in the most comprehensive manner possible.  While improving your English language skills, you will become familiar with IELTS.  Continuous practice and review will give you the skills and confidence you need to be successful when you write the IELTS test.

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